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Small Business Advantage #10  


Small businesses have an advantage that large businesses don’t.

  • Accountability of everyone involved, to everyone involved.

        Owners & Employees are close, often one and the same.  No one can hide.

A Union of Small Businesses is similarly advantaged by being of, by, and for Small Business.

  • Hostage-taking is not an option.

  • Problems get solutions.


Would the UAW make any sense in the context of your business?

It doesn’t make any sense in ours.

Everyone at The Thinking Man’s Union owns &/or works in a small business.


We know personally the problems of small businesses … like how to manage risk,

get a pension, and lower the cost of healthcare.

So we created & deliver solutions ... like

  • BETTER healthcare coverage than any Federal Employee has. 

  • $205 / month.  For everyone - Owners & Employees alike - same price. 

  • $495 / month Family.


Accountability is a solution too.

That's why we're called 'The Thinking Man’s Union' and why ‘We’re not just any Union.’

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