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Small Business Advantage #9  


Small businesses can turn on a dime. (with the right resource)


Large businesses have a hard (impossible) time adapting to change.


Everyone wants their healthcare to work better … a better price and a better way.

But how do we get there from here?


Imagine working for some huge corporation, where you stand up and say, 

“People only buy our product because they have no choice. 

Let’s ditch it, invent something way more useful, and sell it at a lower price.”

“Yes, the company will make less money, pay out less to investors, and thousands of our employees will lose their jobs, but what the heck.”


There’s no mechanism for that to happen. 

No path. 

Too many stakeholders … and too many stakeholders invested in the dysfunction.


Decades ago, Microsoft committed to overcome its own internal institutional obstruction of innovation & adaptability. 

It’s still trying.

Likewise Government: Huge donors / industry interest groups effectively wield a veto. 


The Right Resource

Unions have none of those barriers. 

No investors. No donors. 

No conflicting interest group. 


Only a Union can (easily) deliver what its customers - its Members - want :

  • The BEST Healthcare coverage on Earth. 

  • $205 / month. 

  • $495 / month Family. 

Only a Union does deliver this, but not just any Union. 

The Thinking Man’s Union

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