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  • How much does Union Membership cost?
    $36 / month if you want to be a non-voting member. $45 / month if you want to vote in Union Leaders' elections.
  • Can I join even though my business is not in the construction industry?
    Yes. It doesn't matter what industry, sector of the economy, or type of business you have. So long as your business has fewer than 50 employees, you are eligible to join.
  • Can I get benefits even though I am retired?
    Yes. So long as your business participates in the Union, you are eligible for benefits.
  • Can I get out of the Union, if I want?
    Yes. You can quit anytime with 60 days notice.
  • Will I have to change my doctor?
    No! Your Thinking Man's Union Plan features the MultiPlan network of doctors and hospitals: every insurance's network of doctors and hospitals - Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, etc - all of them, all rolled into one. You get every doctor and hospital that participates in any insurance network whatsoever. There is no question; you get them all. Your Thinking Man's Union Plan is a "Cadillac Plan" (for which Unions are famous), plus Concierge Care on steroids added on top. This is beyond-top-of-the-line healthcare - the extreme quality you can only get from a Union. Have you ever heard of anyone quitting a Union because they didn't like the health benefits?
  • Do I have to choose between the three columns in the Healthcare Summary of Benefits ?
    No. You get everything on the page. Everything on that page is part of your Thinking Man's Union Healthcare Plan. It is the best healthcare coverage on Earth, and it includes Concierge Care on steroids, in-network PPO insurance benefits, and out-of-network benefits.
  • When can I switch insurance companies?
    Anytime you want. You can leave an insurance company anytime you want, and you can join a new one anytime the new one will accept new subscribers. The Thinking Man's Union accepts all members for enrollment in health benefits whenever it suits the member. There is no limited open-enrollment time period to restrict subscribers.
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