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Risk: Managed

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of  employers switching to ERISA plans - the last tool on the insurance shelf offering hope of controlling premium costs. 

But choosing between financially ruinous premiums and intolerable levels of cost-sharing with employees ... is an impossible choice.

What do Plans that include CARE in America offer?

A unique structure that eliminates the financial risk to Employers & their employees, inherent in ERISA plans:

No claims / No co-pays / No deductibles / No co-insurance obligations for 99.4% of all the medical care Americans receive.

No claims, no out-of-pocket obligations: No financial risk

You suffer no financial repercussions if employees seek care.

And of course, guaranteed & unobstructed access to medical care in the near-term makes for healthier & happier employees long-term.

So you can stop depending on sheep for sleep.

Say "Hello" to Plans that include CARE in America.

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