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Why Are We Doing This?

We’re solving Small Business’ problems because the government won’t. 


Small Business Needs Help.   

It needs Structure, Focus, Numbers, Allies, Power and You, Now. 

Everyone at The Thinking Man’s Union owns &/or works in a Small Business

For years, we’ve seen predatory actors use our Needs – healthcare, pensions, government – against us.  

Peddling artificial high prices, they siphon off our wealth. 

We figured we needed Help from a serious national-level champion. 


So we formed The Thinking Man’s Union, to provide Structure & Focus, with which to build Numbers, and   

We affiliated with The Iron Workers Union, whose leaders have proven themselves to be great Allies.  

There is safety in being in the middle of a herd & Power in that herd.  


That’s how we got the BEST healthcare coverage on Earth.  

$205 / month.  $495 / month Family.  The same price for everyone.
We took a thing that had been used against us and reversed it.

You are the small business next door to other small businesses.  You are the customer of some, the vendor to others.  

You have all endured an awful lot. 
Now, is there really anyone left who wants to ‘wait & see what happens’?  How much more do we have to see?

The Thinking Man’s Union is not just any Union. 
Turn the tables.  Join us. 

... Who's in?

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Small Business Advantage #10

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