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What's the Catch?

This seems too good to be true

Our most
frequently asked question ... answered

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Who We Are

The Main Street Local Chapter of The Iron Workers is The Thinking Man's Union, and it's not just any Union. Everyone involved is a small business owner or employee.

How We Are Structured

We purpose-built our structure to deliver the best of what a Union was always intended to be, because that's what we wanted for ourselves. And we put in place our own rules, so we don't pull bad legacy forward.

How We Operate

The legal minimum for all Unions is that they simply represent their Members. The Thinking Man's Union hard-codes this standard into contract: No strikes. No disruptions. No reputational damage. These things are not only not authorized, they are not funded. Only TALKS are allowed.

Who Gets A Seat On The Board

The Thinking Man's Union is exclusively for small business. 1/2 its Board Seats are reserved for employees, 1/2 for management.

Who Can Become A Member

When businesses choose to participate in The Thinking Man's Union, their employees may become Members and receive Union benefits. Dues are $36 /month.

What About Management

While owners & managers may not become Members, and so don't pay dues, they do get the same exceptional benefits, the same healthcare & at the same price.

Why we're called
The Thinking Man's Union

Small Business gets the same advantage as a large business, without having to become one.

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