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Gun Violence needs to be addressed in a serious manner. So far, it hasn’t been.

Mental illness is widely recognized to play a significant role. Lack of access to mental health professionals is universally lamented. But the problem at the root of all this remains unrecognized:

We have a payment problem.

For lack of financial resources, many are left undiagnosed and untreated, until after some act of horrific violence.  They have no diagnostic code.

The situation is analogous to that of a syringe:

A syringe is needed, to inject certain medicines into the body.

A diagnostic code is the mechanism / process for entry into the medical system.

A CARE in America – Public Safety Program is that syringe / mechanism / process.

It solves the payment problem:

  • $3 / citizen / month

  • Upon recommendation of law enforcement,

  • Mental & Physical Health Evaluation & Treatment: no diagnostic codes needed for entry

Victims of Violence

Their problems have only just begun, for which they will need help, if we truly want to extinguish the cycle of violence.


What government can do:

Address Public Safety in an effective way, with an economic solution that can be quantified & refined: A CARE in America – Public Safety Program.

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