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Getting on the Same Page isn’t a power-play.  It’s a process.  A process of discovery and synthesis, it involves piecing together individual views from all perspectives and sharing the 360–degree picture that results. Now, focus that picture: The map of common ground is on that very same page.  The act of searching for it, the strength of having found it, moves us onto the map and the way forward.


My favorite scene in a film: PBS Masterpiece’s ‘Victoria’


It is 1842.  Queen Victoria’s advisors have kept her apprised of the Anglo-Afghan War, but spared mention of full details.  Outside, in the expanse of palace gardens, the young Queen and Lord Wellington, now an elder statesman following his long and distinguished military career, walk alone side-by-side, discussing a recent battle in the Khyber Pass.


Upon hearing from him the news that all but one of the thousands of British soldiers who entered the Pass have perished, the Queen abruptly stops and turns to confront Wellington. With a stern voice laced with just a hint of alarm, she rebukes him, saying, “Lord Wellington, that sounds like defeat!”


At this point, he calmly turns to face her and, in his soldierly matter-of-fact way, reports, “Many would not say that.  But yes Ma’am, that’s what it is.”


With serious faces born of serious purpose – the task before them now clearly understood – the two return to walking side-by-side.

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