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I would be dead under Medicare For All.

Government-financed corporate medicine sees greater profit in not delivering care to people like me.

I have cancer.  It’s treatable, but expensive.

We’re told that we can have any two of the following, but not all three:

  • Access to treatment

  • Affordability

  • Quality medical care

Why does anyone believe this?

The premise rests on the belief that system-wide bulk-buying of doctors’ services brings you discounts.

Once you adopt this belief, it permeates every aspect of your medical life.

You’ve made yourself answerable to an accounting bureaucracy whose goal is its own profit.

Bait-&-switch in action: Your focus has been redirected: You are being misled.

You’re no longer looking at obtaining quality medical care (your objective).  You’re now looking at minimizing system operating expense (the middleman’s objective).

Middlemen sacrifice Quality medical care, to claim that space for profit.

‘Volume purchasing power’ is an excuse to keep the middleman in place, a rationalization where predatory marketing begins. 

Is dying less expensive than treatment?  For whom?

The Thinking Man's Union Healthcare Plans redefine the premise:

  • Unlimited Access to medical treatment is the definition of Quality, and it’s very Affordable

  • Affordability is the result of  removing the middleman, exposing true, un-inflated cost

  • Quality medical care isn’t the product of any voluminous “system”.  Just the opposite: It’s beyond local…  Quality medical care is personal. 


This premise rests on the truth of Medical Freedom:  It requires Independent Doctors, across the broad spectrum of specialties & settings, because their time is their own & yours. 

This is the sum-&-substance of good health care.  ‘Volume’ has nothing to do with it.


The Main Street Local offers exclusively Plans that fix healthcare ... plain & simple.

Of course it would: That’s why it’s called The Thinking Man’s Union.

We’re replacing the Emperor’s old belief system by speaking Truth.

The money we save and the lives we save are better spent helping our communities recover.

Howard N Short, MD                                                                                 

Proud Member of The Thinking Man’s Union

(Yes, I’m a medical doctor & No, I‘ve never been in the construction business)        

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