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The Thinking Man's Union is dedicated to small business

Cogitate.  Debate.  Activate.

Dedicated exclusively to small business and committed to action,

Every small business has more insight into the economy and more ability to steer it

than anyone in Washington, if we work together to put in place measures that work.


Our Story


The Thinking Man's Union spreads a pool of light

Words are the scaffolding of action.

We are The Thinking Man's Union - people who own small businesses & people who work in them.

We support Small Business with concrete tools & services, and

We advocate for Small Business at every level of government &

in every corner of society,

Because 80% of working people work in small businesses,

Because we are all in this together.

Everyone expects Pensions & Great Healthcare from a Union,

but that's not enough.

So we modernized the approach to risk management.

Real protection from financial ruin :

To do what Washington can't :

Develop & Deliver groundbreaking solutions of historic significance

  • The best healthcare coverage on Earth.

Better than any Federal Employee gets.

  • $205 / month. 

'The Thinking Man's Union'

and why 'We're not just any Union.'

No shareholders to enrich. 

Just accountability to our Union Members.

That's why we're called 

Strength in Numbers

We asked people, "Are you happy with your healthcare?"

Listen to what they told us ...

And take a look at what we did about it:

TMU Summary of Benefits - Screenshot 2023-10-02 11.40.09.png

informed by

CARE logo (long) - Screenshot 2023-10-05 03.41.49.png

Business Loans

Payment Processing


We represent the employees of small businesses as the law demands - no more and no less – and we advocate for the businesses that employ them.

So by design, we are limited to facilitating communication.  Nothing more.


And nothing less.  Communication can be powerful.

We support positive interactions that lead to solutions

( like our Healthcare Plan )

and do not engage in any form of coercion or negative actions.

With truth-seeking & positive communication alone,

We've taken a structure, notorious for having been used as a weapon, and turned it on its head. 

( Accountability is a solution too )

Business Owners, Managers, Employees & Dependents

The Thinking Man's Union Application for Membership

I Would Be Dead

Do you know the fundamental fallacy at the heart of “the system”?

Surge Capacity

Protection from harebrained government action

Public Safety

Gun Violence … Mental Illness … We have a payment problem

My Favorite Scene in a Film

Getting on the Same Page: “Yes Ma’am, that’s what it is.”

Put Us in your Contacts :
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